This thing called LIFE… it’s not always easy. There are no handbooks or YouTube videos to walk you through each challenge or tell you how to make decisions. The current world quote is “there is an app for that”! But friends, there isn’t an app for this.

We try to educate ourselves the best we are able. BUT, sometimes we are just STUCK. And after reading blogs and books, listening to advice from our closest friends and watching TED talks; trying to move forward, we find ourselves barely breathing some days, weeks, months and years.


We hire coaches, instructors, tutors and personal trainers to better ourselves in various aspects of our lives and our kids’ lives. How often do we consider investing a little extra time in ourselves? Yes, there is such a thing called a “life coach”. And NO, getting a life coach does not mean that we are the “F” word - “failing”. Just as hiring a coach or personal trainer doesn’t mean you aren’t failing, it simply implies that you have a passion and desire to just better yourself.

I believe we can ALL benefit from improving in different facets of our lives; as a parent, as a spouse, in our careers, financially, personally, and so much more. Sometimes a coach has just the right tools to set you in the direction of reaching the highest altitudes that life offers; your PeakJoy.

PeakJoy is here to help you get “unstuck”; to provide new perspectives, to take down barriers, and lead you to your persisting potential. PeakJoy days, months and life are achievable and together we will get you there. And let me tell you, the view from the top is beyond amazing! It’s GO TIME.