Who is Joy?

When this business journey began, writing an “about me” page became the most difficult and daunting task. It should be such a simple question; “Who is Joy?” Enlisting the help of some of those who know me best and those who have worked with me first hand will hopefully paint the most accurate picture.

Electric. Genuine. Compassionate. Inspirational. There are so many words to describe her but the impact she’s had on my life is truly indescribable. Joy’s love for life and others is contagious. Her innate ability to relate to others brings new perspective to every difficult situation, giving her the superpower to turn an entire week around with one conversation. I am constantly impressed by Joy’s strength and determination to push through the hard stuff and share her experiences with others. She is dedicated to living life to the fullest and spreading kindness as far as the world will allow it. My friend, my coach, my sunshine, my inspiration, she’s joy.
— Amber, friend and mentor
Joy is a genuine people person who enjoys supportive, positive, and encouragement filled interactions with others. She will certainly contribute to the environment with creative alternative solutions.
— Ken, Owner and Coach, Ken Collins Coaching
Joy is that rare sort of contributor that, through her creativity and dedication, resets the expectations for all co-workers. Joy’s positive attitude, versatility, and ability to work with and lead people have helped us move toward performance goals with greater speed. I know I speak for all in expressing the positive impact that Joy has had on our company.
— Joe I, VP Operations, Global Security Manufacturer
Joy always has been searching for another way, a better way with much curiosity and openness!

In spite of some rattling at the knees, I observed first hand her skill and compassion in leading and mentoring those around her. Joy has very good intuition and insight developed through life experiences as well as her observations of other’s attempts to navigate the world.
— Eldon, Retired Counselor, friend and mentor
Joy’s positive, can do, will do attitude has contributed to her successes. She is an innovative self-starter who exceeds expectations. Joy is an invaluable asset to any business unit.
— Doug K., VP
Joy: in a word...inspirational
From the moment we met in 1997 I have been amazed by how easy it is for her to talk with people and relate to them. She treats everyone with respect. Although there are occasions when she feels overwhelmed, she perseveres. Even though I feel no one is perfect, Joy is a super role model. I am so blessed to have her as my daughter-in-law and the mother of two of my grandchildren. She is the product of two very loving, caring and admirable parents. Joy can enjoy a day at the gym, a weekend around a campfire or a night out with executive types and still be her outgoing, humble, inspirational self. I love the fact that she will stand up for what is right and teach her kids that it’s best to just walk away when something is trying their patience. Integrity, inspiration and attitude make her the “JOY” she is!!!
— Connie, Mother-In-Law
My Mom is strong and she is loving, caring, and a funny person. I laugh when she dances and shakes her booty. Best Mom ever!
— Lance, son, age 9
Joy is a fun, loving, caring, and “joyful” sister/daughter/mom/wife/friend who has a passion for sharing her gifts, talents, and life-lessons, not only to help others, but also in order to continue to discover who she truly is, and what God’s plan is for her.
— Larry, brother
My Mom is a very caring, kind, and loving person and yells a little once in a while. She is funny sometimes too. My favorite thing to do with my Mom is to read and play board games. She helps me with homework and she is a good couple with my Dad.
— Chase, son, age 7