Elevate Your Business

With over 15 years of diverse experience in roles such as Office Manager, Human Resources Manager, HR Business partner, Payroll/Benefits Manager and Executive Assistant, I have benefited from interactions with day to day decisions on the factory floor to C-suite executive strategic planning.

These experiences have allowed invaluable growth and allowed opportunities for me to gain knowledge in impacting a broad range of industries:

  • Industrial Construction & Services Provider

  • Global Security & Access Manufacturer

  • Software & Technology Developer

  • Health care and Pharmaceutical Operator

  • Investment & Financial Services Broker

In addition to growing people and teams in these various positions and industries, my most recent certification of Coach, Speaker and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team will allow me to give your team and your company the tools it needs to elevate to the highest altitude. 

Services Provided

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Elevating leadership

Individualized 1:1 coaching for your leadership team; from baseline managers to your executive staff.

“ Leaders become great, NOT because of their power; but because of their ability to empower OTHERS” - John Maxwell

Is your leadership team on track to empower and inspire? The power of 1:1 coaching may be the elevation tool you are seeking.

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Strengthening your largest company asset - your PEOPLE - will allow for only PeakPerformance; elevating to the highest altitudes.

Choose from PeakJoy Elevate Workshop series; VISION Elevated (optional creation of vision boards), CHOICE Elevated (Power of Perspective), COMMUNICATION Elevated, ACCOUNTABILITY Elevated, MEETINGS Elevated, EMPATHY Elevated, EXECUTION Elevated


Contact PeakJoy to customize for your team.

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Start at the core. Understanding individual personality styles can provide team members and leadership staff instrumental insight, allowing for more effective and efficient communication and interaction; ultimately resulting in PeakSuccess.

PeakJoy offers Individual and Team DISC Personality assessments, followed by collaborative, productive analysis.