To be that inspiring voice, force, & vision that creates/encourages the desire to push through barriers and elevate your perspective, passion and possibilities so that you can achieve Peak Performance, Peak Success and ultimately your own PeakJoy.


Through listening, coaching, mentoring, workshops, book reviews, speaking at conferences and so much more, PeakJoy will connect with and inspire you. PeakJoy will deliver you, your family, your team, your company the tools to discover where explosive change can and will happen and take you to new altitudes, elevating you to a place where the view has never been better. PeakJoy will be your new inspiration to in turn inspire those around you. We are given this one life and we never get today more than once. Create your own legacy and then go live it!


Above all, I value kindness, compassion, intentionality and optimism. I truly believe if we start each day, each conversation, every motion of our day around these, we elevate ourselves. And…when we grow and elevate ourselves we are given greater opportunity to make an impact on others. It becomes this infectious positivity.

A great man who left this earth far too early in life, my Dad, repeated this phrase often to us growing up and although it did have impact (of anger and frustration when I was younger) every time he said it, today it is THE driving force of Peak Joy!

— Mike Gant - #1 DAD

We must be intentional and optimistic in the way we make choices. We have the choice every day to be intentional (about goals, relationships, health, careers, balance, communication, etc.) We also have the choice to live out those choices with optimism and solutions. We can choose to let the past of yesterday define and keep us stuck; or allow the possibilities of tomorrow drive us forward. One thing is for certain, when we choose “ I Can’t” we are choosing to give up. PeakJoy will be the driving force of I CAN & I WILL!