PeakJoy Challenge #1


For me, it seems to be this cycle.

I am a list maker. My siblings and I have given my Mom grief for years about her numerous lists, BUT… here it is… I am just like her! Writing out the list gives some sort of fascination, satisfaction and energy. I write it all down and sing that opera note AHHHH…. “Here it is, way to go. Go Joy. Check out that amazing list! Lets do this.”

Here is the thing. It feels wonderful to make the list, YES? But, there are always those one or two or three or four items that DON’T get crossed off. They are the SAME things OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. I put them off. But why? They seem the most daunting tasks? I think they are going to eat up time? Clearly I haven’t made them priority and then they sit there time after time.

Once I’ve put it off for so long, it’s ok to keep putting it off again, because I’ve done it oh, likely 20 times already. And honestly, sometimes I don’t write it on a list because I know I’m NOT going to actually cross it off. My friends, I like to cross shtuff off!

Self-Sabotage people, that is what it is. Getting into my own head.

BUT… once you get started on that ONE thing; you cross of that one item on the list that has been nagging at you, you begin what my husband and I call the “give a mouse a cookie” phenomenon. It really is a phenomenon. You break the cycle and feel SO amazing after crossing one thing off, that it gives you inspiration and energy to do more.

• At work, it’s avoiding responding to that month or older e-mail or setting up a meeting. You dread organizing your e-mail or cleaning out folders or there might just be a project that was never given a deadline, but you fear someone coming to you asking where you are at on it. (You haven’t even started) EEKS!

• At home, it’s the kids papers you kept from LAST YEAR that need to be sorted through – or the game closet that is a disaster or your CLOSET needs a complete revamp, or the refrigerator may have food from a year ago sitting WAY in the back, or the garage or maybe even the baskets of laundry you’ve been living out of for a few weeks after getting behind. Something surely needs fixed?! You need to organize the calendar or do some vacation research (that one ALWAYS gets crossed off first for me!)

• You haven’t talked to that friend or your Grandma or Mom in FOREVER and think of him/her while driving to work or dropping the kids off and just need to catch up. You’re avoiding a difficult conversation with a neighbor or coach?! (I said conversation, not text, got it?)

• Back in January perhaps you made some New Year Resolutions (and its almost April) – eat better, read more, get some exercise, family game night, doing something nice or special for your spouse or significant other.

And the list goes on and on and on. (Anyone else singing that Dynamite song with me right now? “And it goes on and on and on”) You may not be a list maker like my Mom or like me, but surely there is something – SOMETHING – that if you did it today, you would lay your head on that pillow tonight and feel so damn good you did it!

SO… JUST DO IT! You begin when you begin. Lets begin now – PeakJoy challenge #1. I’d love to hear what item starts your “Give a mouse a cookie” phenomenon! I have a rather long list, but today, TODAY I will be painting trim that has been waiting for me for almost 7 years. Peace
out friends - I’ve got some painting to do.”