Get Outta My Dreams, Get into my Car

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Dreams are clearly NOT reserved for our weightless heads on pillows while we rest our eyes aimlessly each night. They have become or should become a piece of our waking world.

For decades songs have been written and sung about them… Lennon, Gary Wright, Billy Joel, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Coldplay, Carrie Underwood, Fleetwood Mac, Nelly, Van Halen, Metallica… and so many more.

(If you enjoy having some inspirational music playing while you read on, as I do, surely ONE of these songs on my “Just Dream” Spotify playlist will strike a harmonious chord.)

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In my eyes, there is nothing so attractive and uplifting as an ordinary, yet passionate dream. (And I’m not talking my own, I’m talking about the dreams of others in my life) If we think about it every accomplishment, invention, discovery; they ALL started not only as an idea, but a dream seed. Dream seeds that grew into full blown… I’m not even sure what to call them – Miraculous reality? I do know they are part of PeakJoy life. How about PeakJoy accomplishments. I don’t want to call them just miracles, because there are miracles that happen without effort. I feel like dreams are made, dreams are earned with hard work, dedication, intention, sweat and tears, perhaps falling a couple of times. What is that quote.,

The dream is FREE, the journey is not.
— John Maxwell

I was reminiscing over coffee with a childhood family friend just last week. Not only is he the mother dreamer but he’s got this superpower mindset that allows him to do that miraculous thing called ACTION.

His entire persona lit up when he spoke about an old building with windows boarded up; and how he had this VISION, this DREAM of what that building could be or look like without boards covering those windows. I listened to every word spoken about each detail he had thought through and truly had painted a picture of in his brain. There was history and there were dreams behind those boards. Someone, years ago, created THAT dream, THAT business, THAT building. How sad to think that their vision from years ago is boarded up, the dream now hidden. But on the flip side, how amazing and simply joyous that another individual could turn it back into yet another dream. THIS is the stuff that lights me up friends.

When you are around inspirational individuals like this, I think they drop this dreaming dust on you. (and without even knowing it) “Here, take this and go climb, better yet, go fly!”

You see, dreams are SO many things. Dreams are small business start-ups. Dreams are relationships; marrying that right person. (Just listen to the words of the “dream” songs, we apparently dream an awful lot about those) Dreams are finishing school, working toward college degrees. Dreams are destinations. Dreams are WHO we want to become. Dreams can be a specific career. Dreams are making our communities and our world a better place for the future. Dreams can even be “ridding” ourselves of the pessimism that occupies space. Dreams are the lyrics in all of the songs. (Honestly, loving music as I do, it makes me want to write a song!)

Did you ever have a dream journal growing up? Or write fictitious stories about what your life would look like when you “grew up”? I didn’t allow anything or anyone to interfere with what went in that journal. It was fun, humorous and uplifting to dream about whatever I wanted to. Or maybe you made those fortune tellers where your friend picked a number and they opened up your fortune; you’ll drive a red sportscar, have 3 children, and be a stewardess while living in the mountains.


As I entered into Junior High and then High School, the dreams were a little less “fun” most of the time and the reality of “growing up” became more the dream. I dreamt of just having my license and driving whenever I wanted to. Getting an actual job (not babysitting) and making my own money to buy my own clothes was this glorious vision just months ahead of me. I dreamed of what I thought I was supposed to be dreaming about. When I met my “now husband” on-line, HE became the new dream; when we would get married, where we would live, getting our first dog…house…

And then we went to college and we got married and then… we dreamed less and less I suppose. Or those dreams were less vivid and more of just reality dreaming (is that even a thing?). I’m not sure when I myself really stopped dreaming for myself and not my family. When do we stop dreaming – like FUN dreaming – BIGGER dreaming? For just ourselves?

For YEARS, I wasn’t dreaming at all really. Or if I was, I was placing these endless limits. I guess I was dreaming with rules. The rules of society. Excuses were supported with details. And mostly I was doing, doing, doing for everyone else; for the boys, my husband our family, because that was my role so I told myself. I’ll tell you what I dreamt about, seriously. I dreamt about walking through Target BY MYSELF for an hour with a Starbucks and coming home AFTER the boys were in bed.

But here I am, here is PeakJoy, dreaming for real. Dreaming bigger and stronger and with more passion. Dreaming that I can help YOU, I can help others not only start to dream and dream bigger but help move in the direction of making those dreams turn into… what did I call it miraculous reality? Or Peak Joy accomplishments. (I really need to come up with a better name!) Here I am, just as my friend did last week, sprinkling some dream dust on you all – “Go climb, go fly!” And remember that...

When you dream, there are not rules. You can fly!
— PeakJoy

Dream BIGGER friends.

What is it VanHalen sings (because you all know I love my music and lyrics)

Reach for the golden ring

Reach for the sky

Baby, spread your wings

We’ll get higher and higher

Never losin’ sight

“Cause we belong in a world that must be strong

That’s what dreams are made of


Do Something with your life

Sometimes underdogs rise

OR Aerosmith:

Dream On, Dream On.

Dream until your dreams come true.