National PeakJoy Day

Social media goes crazy on certain “National” Days! I mean, who doesn’t enjoy seeing people across the world come together for National Puppy Day?! (I’m not poking fun here, I really do love it!) But I would like to know how in the world National “Hug your plumber day” gets missed? For the record, it’s on April 25th in case anyone would like to participate.

I will periodically check the national day calendar for fun, because to be quite honest some of these national days are really quite humorous. Also, it’s an added excuse to grab a donut on National Donut Day, Drink Beer on National Beer Day or celebrate the most amazing siblings on National Sibling Day!

When I opened up the calendar this past Saturday to give a quick browse (I can’t lie, I was hoping it would be some fun national day to give me good reason to over indulge in chocolate, rock my karaoke, take a nap or something) I was caught off-guard to find National “I am in Control Day”. Aren’t we in control EVERY day? A discussion was just had during our family meeting; the fact that every day we own our choices and are in control of so many aspects.

Quick insight. The National Day Calendar writes:

“With the President being rushed to surgery on a rainy afternoon, a bullet lodged in his lung; a statement was made. “As of now, I am in control here in the White House.” Those are the words of Secretary of State Alexander Haig on March 30, 1981, after the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan.

He was taken to task for those words by the media. Haig later explained that he only meant that he was in charge until Vice President George Bush could be sworn in. Bush was en route at the time.

Sources believe that this was the beginning of National I am in Control Day. This day has evolved and taken on a different context. It is a day to get things under control in your life on a day to day basis.”

What is out of control in your life? What do you wish you had control over? When you digest the reality, there truly are few things that are completely OUT of our control; when and who we are born to, who our guardians through childhood are, our genetics, others’ words and actions, death. And we come to realize also, with age some additional control is handed over to us. At least we begin to realize the truth is that we are in control of more than we realized.

There are also many events in which we overestimate our ability to control. Similar to elevator buttons. When you quickly and repeatedly push the “close door” button on an elevator (God forbid you wait another 5 seconds that may allow someone to accompany you on your ride), are YOU actually controlling when that door closes? Perhaps the world is full of these “buttons” that in actuality don’t really do anything. It’s this concept or effect, “Illusion of Control” named by psychologist Ellen Langer. As a parent, I am so very aware of this common mindset I have. Sure, I can control what I make for dinner, but Lord knows I don’t control whether or not my picky boys will put the food in their mouths’ and eat it (without complaining). #thestruggleisreal

I honestly believe when we can lose that Illusion of Control, we gain this freedom and this energy which allow us to start climbing and elevating ourselves to higher altitudes.

From PeakJoy perspective, I am in LOVE with this idea and this day. What do you feel is out of control in your life? Chances are that whatever first came to mind when answering that question, you ARE in control of.

What can you gain control of today, this week, this month…? What is that “something” that if you felt you were in control of it, you would feel like you could seize the moment, day, week, life? Think all aspects; career, work, personal, relationships, home, kids, visions, goals, dreams…

CONTROL MindMap.png

The first piece of advice I am offering is to mark your calendar for April 7th: National No Housework Day. Go ahead and put your feet up and take that extra time to focus on yourself. Have a beer while you are at it because it is also National Beer Day. Actually, mark your calendar whatever the hell day you want to. Because guess what, YOU control what you do every single day. TODAY, I am going to make PeakJoy day! (Stay tuned for secrets to what that day looks like)

While you’re reflecting on this topic of “Control” in your own life be sure to let Janet Jackson play in the background, inspiring you with her words….. & you are very welcome for the flashback and visual of me attempting to dance just like her.

So let me take you by the hand,
and lead you on this dance (Control)
Is what I've got, because I do with chance
I don't wanna rule the world,
just wanna run my life (ooh
So make your life a little easier ...
When you get the chance just take control

Control - Now I've got a lot, ooh
Control - To get what I want, oww!
Control - I'm never gonna stop
Control - Now I'm all grown up, ohh!

In all seriousness, take the first step today. You don’t have to wait until March 30th of 2020. If you’re struggling to do that independently, reach out to someone close or shoot me an e-mail. Let’s create PeakJoy moments, days, weeks, months, years, & LIFE for YOU! Create your legacy and live it!